Quick Answer: Who Are The 5 S Class Wizard In Fairy Tail?

Who is the most powerful wizard in fairy tail?

Let’s consider #11-15 when it comes to the most powerful Fairy Tail wizards of them all.1 Gildarts.

With the title “Ace of Fairy Tail”, it’s no secret that Gildarts is considered Fairy Tail’s strongest mage.2 Natsu.

3 Erza.

4 Gray.

5 Mirajane.

6 Laxus.

7 Gajeel.

8 Lucy.

More items…•.

Is Erza stronger than mirajane?

When it comes to offensive power it’s hands down Mirajane but when it comes to defense and endurance that goes to Erza. To be completely honest I think Hiro Mashima overpowered Erza. … If Hiro Mashima focused more on Mirajane and her powers as well as her growing stronger she would win 100%.

Who is stronger Natsu or Meliodas?

Meliodas is the definite winner for one reason; full counter. With full counter he can bounce back any magical attacks. That means that natsu can not use any of his magic, or else meliodas will just repeal it back with 2x the strength.

Is Natsu S class level?

He was S class level in terms of power when he took the exam on tenrou. Gildarts explicitly said “as an examiner, I could pass you right now.” After Natsu pushed him back.

Is juvia an S class mage?

When we first meet Juvia, she is mostly emotionless and uncaring. Her melancholy attitude eventually melts when she finds her place in Fairy Tail. She is mostly a shy person unless it comes to her love, Gray Fullbuster. She fully comes into her own and even becomes an S-class mage.

Who can beat Natsu?

Irene, August, Zeref, Gray, Gildarts, Erza and Acnologia are the only ones who have the ability required to defeat a normal Natsu at the end of the series. At the very end only Gray, Gildarts, and Erza are left alive.

Can Natsu beat God Serena?

The answer is yes, however he could do that only with a PU mode (like Fire Dragon King Mode or Dragon Force), I mean, God Serena defeat 4 of the 5 (also Makarov stated that he had no chance against God Serena), maybe Natsu is not as strong as God Serena in Base Form, but his transformations grants him so much power …

Is Cana an S Class Wizard?

Cana Alberona (カナ・アルベローナ Kana Aruberōna) is a member of the Fairy Tail Guild, and is a potential S-Class Mage.

Who is Natsu’s dad?

Natsu DragneelSpeciesHuman/EtheriousNotable relativesZeref Dragneel (brother) Igneel (adoptive father)GuildFairy TailMagicFire Dragon Slayer Magic7 more rows

Who is the weakest in fairy tail?

Here are ten of the weakest Fairy Tail characters who still have room for improvement.8 Ichiya.7 Happy.6 Levy & Shadow Gear.5 Hibiki.4 Toby.3 Macao.2 Cancer.1 Frosch.More items…•

Who is Mystogan Really?

Mystogan (ミストガン Misutogan), whose real name is Jellal (ジェラール Jerāru), is a former S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail and the current King of Edolas. He was also considered the most mysterious member of the guild, as he did not show himself, or his face, at all.

Is Mystogan stronger than laxus?

I would say mystogan is quite strong if laxus thought he was comparable to him in terms of power. … Mystogan is arguably weaker than Ezra but just has the sleep spell as a hax. Honestly Laxus and Gildarts feel way above the rest of the guild tier wise.

Can Natsu beat Gildarts?

At the end natsu was able to surpass gildarts. His partial end transformation was able to go toe to toe with his own weakness, devil slayer magic, and not die.

Who is the strongest dragon slayer?

Fairy Tail: Top 10 Most Powerful Dragon Slayers, Ranked8 Sting Eucliffe.7 Wendy Marvell.6 Gajeel Redfox.5 Laxus Dreyar.4 God Serena.3 Irene Belserion.2 Natsu Dragneel.1 Acnologia.More items…•

Who is stronger Natsu or Erza?

Natsu definetly beats Erza in sheer power or slaying dragons, also wendy can enchant dragon slaying magic onto stuff which Erza’s swords have rn at the 100 year quest so Natsu beats Erza only sheer power, but Erza is stronger overall due to the ability to fight a wider range of opponents with her magic.