Quick Answer: How Do You Prevent Sound Alike Look Alike Drugs?

Is insulin a high alert medication?

Insulin is consistently recognized as a high-alert medication, meaning that it has the potential to cause detrimental patient harm when used in error..

How do you store LASA drugs?

1) All LASA medications will be stored in a storage bin within in the locked medication area and will have a colored sticker applied to the medication in order to call attention to the potential for medication error.

What is high risk drugs?

High risk medications are drugs that have a heightened risk of causing significant patient harm when they are used in error. High risk medicines include medicines: with a low therapeutic index. that present a high risk when administered by the wrong route or when other system errors occur.

What is one example of a high alert medication?

Examples of high-alert medications include insulin, opioids, neuromuscular blocking agents, anticoagulants, and many others.

How do you prevent LASA errors?

The following is a list of strategies for minimizing dispensing errors:Ensure correct entry of the prescription. … Confirm that the prescription is correct and complete. … Beware of look-alike, soundalike drugs. … Be careful with zeros and abbreviations. … Organize the workplace. … Reduce distraction when possible.More items…•

How can prescribers reduce LASA errors?

Using techniques such as boldface and colour differ- ences to reduce the confusion associated with the use of LASA names on labels, storage bins and shelves, computer screens, automated dispensing devices, and medication administration records.

What are salad drugs?

The term SALADs (Sound-Alike Look-Alike Drugs) refers to look-alike and sound-alike drug names and look-alike product packaging which can cause confusion resulting in potentially harmful medication errors.

What is the purpose of tall man letters in drug names?

Tall man lettering (TML) is a technique that uses uppercase lettering to help differentiate look-alike drug names.

What is confused medication name list?

Configuring computer selection screens to prevent look-alike names from appearing consecutively. Changing the appearance of look-alike product names to draw attention to their dissimilarities….Not Yet Registered?Drug NameConfused Drug NameAciphexAccuprilAciphexAriceptActivaseCathflo ActivaseActivaseTNKase226 more rows•Feb 28, 2019

How do you prevent look alike sound alike medication errors?

Configure all computer screens to prevent look-alike drug name pairs from appearing consecutively. Store products with look-alike names in different locations. Use shelf stickers to help locate products that have been moved. Alert patients to the potential for mix-ups with known, problematic drug names.

What is look alike sound alike drugs?

Look Alike Sound Alike (LASA) medications involve medications that are visually similar in physical appearance or packaging and names of medications that have spelling similarities and/or similar phonetics.

What is the significance of look alike and sound alike medications?

Managing High-Alert/Hazardous and Look-Alike-Sound-Alike Medications in Ambulatory Care Settings. Look-alike/sound-alike (LASA) medications are those, either written or spoken, which may lead to potentially harmful errors when confused with each other.