Is The Flatline An Assault Rifle?

Is the flatline good Apex legends?

VK-47 Flatline This assault rifle packs a real punch and boasts decent damage thanks to its use of heavy rounds.

The Flatline’s 20-round magazine gives players enough firepower to shred through an enemy’s shield, dealing some decent early-game damage..

Did they nerf the g7 Scout?

This discovery led to the Scout becoming overused in Apex Legends Season 3 and will eventually lead to its nerf. Respawn developer Eric Hewitt confirmed this nerf on Twitter when responding to a fan. The Twitter user complaining about the G7 Scout is correct in their assessment.

How much damage does the havoc do?

The Apex Legends Havoc is a Assault Rifle that uses Ammo and does 131 Damage Per Second with a maximum of 18 Damage Per Shot. It takes to reload an empty magazine and 2.6s if you have some ammo already in the gun.

Is the flatline good?

It’s definitely one of the best close range weapons. It’s easier to use than some of the other close range guns and can also almost reach to mid range. I find the issue w the flatline is that it is not extremely good at hipfire.

Does heavy ammo slow apex?

In the current state of Apex Legends, Slayback says all ammo types slow down your enemy when you hit them. And while no ammo class has extra shield breaking power, Energy ammo isn’t slowed by drag and has the fastest flight velocity of all the munition types.

Is the g7 scout a sniper?

The Apex Legends G7 Scout is a Sniper Rifle that uses Light Ammo and does 120 Damage Per Second with a maximum of 30 Damage Per Shot.

What’s better r99 or r301?

R-99 has a lot more recoil and is a lot harder to use at a range because of that. People are learning to use it better though and to control the recoil even at a distance. when you re able to do that it makes it more effective that the R-301 because of the higher damage per second output of the R-99.

What gun has the highest DPS in Apex legends?

If you were to base the “best Apex Legends weapons” on DPS alone it would go as follows:Best Sniper Rifle: Kraber.Best LMG: Devotion.Best Pistol: Wingman.Best SMG: R-99.Best Assault Rifle: R-301.Best Shotgun: Mastiff.

Is the Spitfire a good apex?

Despite the Devotion being a favorite amongst the community, the M600 Spitfire is arguably the most practical machine gun out of the two. With an accuracy and fire rate that’s hard match and relatively decent damage, the M600 Spitfire has the capability of destroying your opponents.

How much damage does flatline?

160 Damage Per SecondThe Apex Legends Flatline is a Assault Rifle that uses Heavy Ammo and does 160 Damage Per Second with a maximum of 16 Damage Per Shot. It takes 3.1s to reload an empty magazine and 2.4s if you have some ammo already in the gun.

Did the flatline get a buff?

Apex Legends Season 6 may have buffed the VK-47 Flatline weapon, without Respawn saying anything. Apex YouTuber Zeus did some digging and noted that the weapon has in fact received a horizontal recoil reduction to make it more stable.

What’s the best gun in Apex?

Top 10 Weapons in Apex Legends Season 6Prowler. PIN IT.Devotion. PIN IT. … Havoc. PIN IT. … Triple Take. PIN IT. … Hemlock. PIN IT. … Mastiff. PIN IT. … VK-47 Flatline. PIN IT. … R-301. PIN IT. With a DPS (damage per second) of 196, this assault rifle has one of the weakest DPS values in the list. … More items…•

Is the g7 scout good?

As the most unusual sniper rifle in Apex Legends and perhaps in all of shooterdom, it’s possible the G7 Scout disappointed you the first time you picked it up. … It may especially feel that way when compared to the other long-range rifles. For the initiated, the G7 Scout is one of the best weapons in the game.

Is Hemlock a good apex?

In my experience the Hemlock can be strong but by no means the best gun. The Hemlock tops out at 150 DPS on single fire (with 108 DPS in burst). Yes it is accurate at longer ranges, but in my experience the best gun is the Spitfire (180 DPS), especially with a blue/purple barrel.

What is the g7 scout based on?

Manufactured by Lastimosa Armory, the G7 Scout is virtually indistinguishable mechanics-wise from its hallowed ancestors, still packing a semi-automatic punch at mid to long-range.

Why is the flatline bad?

The time to kill is too long. It has a low fire-rate, and the high recoil which defies physics! The low fire-rate with the slight increase in damage should give the flatline the same recoil as the r301. It can be used at medium range but can be out done at that range by r301 and every other assault rifle.

What gun does the most damage in Apex?

Hemlock Burst AR As the only single-shot assault rifle, the G7 Scout is also the highest-damage AR in the game, dealing 60 damage per headshot and functioning as more of a DMR than an AR.

How much damage does the Prowler do?

The Apex Legends Prowler is a Sub Machine Gun that uses Heavy Ammo and does 186 Damage Per Second with a maximum of 14 Damage Per Shot. It takes 2.6s to reload an empty magazine and 2.0s if you have some ammo already in the gun.